Professional counseling costs upwards of $60 to $150 per hour. If you’ve got that kind of money to spend, great! But most people can’t afford those rates. What is needed in this field of helping to heal those traumatic events is affordable option.

Welcome to Bibliotherapy!

Bibliotherapy (reading books that help you get past the trauma, grief, and low self-esteem) is also referred to as poetry therapy or therapeutic storytelling. It’s a program geared towards teenagers and adults who read shocking truths by others who’ve broken the chains of controlling relationships or groups.

This is immediate and has fast results because the victim can clearly see that he/she is not the only one. It helps relieve the guilt factor, which so many fall prey too. The victim starts to see that they were a target…not a failure!

Many people’s lives change for the better from the just the first book! Yes! It’s that powerful! This isn’t for everyone, some people have experienced a deeper betrayal and require more care.

However, most people find this route very productive and rewarding. To many, it’s like learning the real truth for the first time! Here’s how this program works;

If you have experienced abuse and trauma and it is effecting your life greatly and you can not afford professional counseling, nor can you afford to purchase books on your own, or you’re caring for a child who has experienced abuse and trauma and are helping them, we offer a care package of books from our  “Recommended Reading” list. (Click Here) Although we realize most people can go to their local library and check out books to help them through these times, but these situations often take months or even years to recover from and it’s often nice to have a library of your own to reference at anytime.

Bibliotherapy uses creative arts that involves storytelling and reading specific texts that cultivate healing.

It has been shown time and time again, that just providing the knowledge to people who have been involved in dark situations is often all they need to get back to a sane place…a peaceful place.

If bibliotherapy is more than you can afford please fill out the application below to be considered for this program.

    • We have a lot of people applying for this program who are in need of real help and healing who just can not afford professional therapy and are financially distraught. If you can afford these books on your own please be considerate and do not apply.
    • If you feel you’d like to help another soul through their trauma, please donate here and know that your financial generosity is helping another human being through a ‘rough spot’ in their life.
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Recommended Reading for Adults and Children


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