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FACT Resource Sheet – for Clergy, Church volunteers and staff

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A Safe Group, Church or Leader Will answer your questions Will disclose information Is often democratic Will not vilify, or excommunicate former members Will not have a negative paper trail (court cases, news articles) Will encourage communication & existing friendships Will recognize reasonable boundaries & limitations Will encourage critical thinking, individual autonomy & self esteem Will admit mistakes & accept [...]

FACT Resource Sheet – Counselors / Educators

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Deceptive Tactics Used To Recruit Individuals People don’t knowingly join cults. They’re usually targeted, tricked, and deceived so they can be brought into the fold. People who join in and remain in these unhealthy organizations do so because of the use of Mind Control Techniques (MCT) and psychological coercion. Persons who join or befriend destructive organizations come from all social [...]

“We want our daughter back”: Parents concerned about church near CMU

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MT. PLEASANT , Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- College is all about learning and gaining independence as an adult. But when a Alpena couple sent their daughter to Central Michigan University, they say she got caught up in a church that influenced her to cut them out of her life. "We want our daughter back," said Elizabeth Antkowiak. “We were really close," [...]

“Cults on Campus” is a Real Problem & Threat to our Youth

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ASU sanctions five clubs linked to church with Tucson ties Arizona State University has taken disciplinary action against five student clubs accused of being “front groups” for a Tempe church founded by a controversial campus ministry in Tucson. The student clubs, which are registered with ASU as secular organizations, are actually ministries of Hope Christian Church, the university determined. The [...]

Questions to Ask about a Group, Church or Leader

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What is the general attitude regarding the leader or leaders? Are members passive, blindly faithful, intimidated, star struck by the leadership? Or do members treat leadership like any other member? Are pictures of the leader(s) posted throughout the buildings they occupy? What is the lifestyle of the leader or leaders? Do they live moderately compared to other working members of [...]

B.I.T.E. Model to Mind Control

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Behavior Control 1. Regulation of individual's physical reality 2. Dictates where, how and whom the person lives and associates with 3. Control types of clothing that are permissible, colors, hairstyles worn by the person 4. Regulate food and drink allowed or rejected 5. Impose sleep deprivation 6. Financial exploitation, manipulation or dependence 7. Restrict leisure, entertainment or vacation time 8. [...]