A Safe Group, Church or Leader

Will answer your questions

Will disclose information

Is often democratic

Will not vilify, or excommunicate former members Will not have a negative paper trail (court cases, news articles) Will encourage communication & existing friendships Will recognize reasonable boundaries & limitations Will encourage critical thinking, individual autonomy & self esteem Will admit mistakes & accept constructive criticism Will not be the only source of knowledge & learning

Common Everyday Sociopaths…
Make you feel sorry for them Give you the impression you owe them Make you feel used Sometimes you suspect they don’t care about you Lie & deceive you Make you feel worried or afraid
Take a lot from you and give very little back Make you feel guilty (and use that to manipulate you) Take advantage of your kindness Are easily bored and need constant stimulation Don’t take responsibility but place blame elsewhere

FACT Resource Sheet – for Clergy, Church volunteers and staff
Why Predators are Attracted to Careers in the Clergy by: Joe Navarro former FBI Counterintelligence Agent

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